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The Motive of science

"The motive of science is to predict the future, 

to control the future."

-- Francis Bacon (1561-1626).


Is the future deterministic?

If so, we can compute the future, to control the future.

If not, we can only explain the past.


Cybernetic control law

To compute the future,  a computer need something deterministic,

To control the future, the computer must predict the future.


The Climate Clock Hypothesis

Climate variability has a First Cause

The First Cause, is controlled by the Solar System.

Climate variability is controlled by interference between solar forced periods and lunar forced periods.

Solar forced periods are controlled by the oscillating planets, as The First Cause.

Lunar forces periods are controlled by lunar tides, controlled by the Moon, as The First Cause.

The climate period spectrum, has no stationary mean.

Climate periods, are period- and phase-locked to forced stationary periods.

Climate periods are predictable, but not controllable.


- Harald Yndestad