About CC

The CC project

The climate clock (CC) is an independent open research project, based on the author's research. The project investigates the solar system influences on climate and eco systems. The climate clock is a metaphor to explain climate signature periods. The CC project started in the 1990´s. to explain oscillating marine eco systems. Later the CC project has studied solar-lunar forced climate variations.

The Climate Machine

Climate Machine (CM) is a metaphor to explain the driving force behind climate movement. The project investigates the Lunar-forced CM, the Solar-forced CM, and Earth orbit CM.

Lunar-forced CM:

  • A framework for lunar-forced and climate variability
  • Lunar-forced climate model up to 446 years
  • Lunar-forced tide signature
  • Luna-forced Global Sea temperature signature
  • Lunar-forced Arctic ice extent signature
  • Lunar-forced NAO index
  • Lunar-forced CO2 signature
  • Lunar-forced stochastic resonance in marine biomass variability

Solar-forced CM:

  • Jovian planet forced solar position oscillation.
  • Jovian planet forced grand solar minima and grand maxim.
  • Jovian planet forced solar activity.
  • Solar-forced Total Solar irradiation 4450-year signature.
  • Solar-forced Grand solar minima and Grand solar maxima.
  • Solar-forced Global Sea surface signature.
  • Solar-forced Little Ice ages.
  • Solar-forced next deep solar minimum in 2070.

Earth Orbit-forced CM:

  • Ice age signature periods up to 100.000 years

CC founding

The Climate Clock project has no funding.

- Harald Yndestad