About CC

The CC project

The climate clock (CC) is an independent open research project, based on the author's research over a time-period of thirty years. The project investigates the solar system influences on climate and eco systems. The climate clock is a metaphor to explain climate periods from hours to 100,000 years.


CC history

The CC project started in the 1990´s. First several studies of lunar forced climate variation, and lunar forced marine eco system variations. Later the CC project has covered studies of solar forced climate variations, and solar-lunar forced climate variations.


Research highlights

  • A framework for lunar-forced and solar forced climate variability

  • Lunar-forced stochastic resonance in marine biomass variability

  • Lunar-forced climate periods up to 446 years in Atlantic and Arctic time-series

  • Jovian planets coincidences to grand minima and grand maxima

  • Solar-forced climate model up to 4450 years

  • Solar-lunar forced Little Ice ages

  • The upcoming next deep solar minimum and next deep climate minimum before 2100


Upcoming post

Climate chain of events.


CC founding

The Climate Clock project has no founding.


- Harald Yndestad