Climate paper audio slides

  1. Yndestad H: Jovian Planet Oscillations, The First Couse of Climate variability
  2. Yndestad H: Jovian Planet Oscillations, The First Couse of Climate variability. (Norwegian audio)
  3. Yndestad H: Jovian Planets influence on Earth’s temperature variability. EGU21, CL 1.8 Climate repose to orbital forcing. 19-30 April 2021 (2-min)
  4. Yndestad H: Jovian Planets influence on Earth’s temperature variability. EGU21, CL 1.8 Climate repose to orbital forcing. 19-30 April 2021 (5-min)
  5. Om Moores Lov: Loven som har skap innovasjon i 50 år

Climate studies presented in technical notes

  1. Yndestad H. (2020). The Planet Clock. TN NTNU, Sept, 22. 2020.
  2. Yndestad H. (2020). Grand Sola Minima Activity 1000-2100 A.D
  3. Yndestad H. (2021). Barents Sea Ice Edge Position 1549-2020
  4. Yndestad H. (2019). The NAO index and Lunar variability
  5. Yndestad H: (2016). The Barents Sea Temperature Variability 1900-2100. A new study

Selected presentations from 2000-2019

  1. 2019: Lunar-driven control of climate and Barents Sea Eco-system. Natural variability and tolerance: Klimarealistene. 18-19 Oktober. 2019. Oslo.
  2. 2019: Kortversjon av Arbeidet med nybygg over 25 år. Markering: 20 år siden nybygg NTNU-Ålesund: 23. sept. 2019. NTNU-Ålesund.
  3. 2019: Smarte Byer. Hvordan Big Data og AI endre samfunnet. Masteremne Regional planlegging og utvikling Høgskolen i Volda: 11.10.2019 
  4. 2019: Når Byene blir Smarte… Bypatrioten. Ålesund: 7.03.2019.
  5. 2018: How Does Climate Change Affect Marine Ecosystems? Sustainability Day: NTNU Ålesund. 12.12.2018.
  6. 2018: The Climate Clock. 12th International Conference on Climate and Energy 23.-24. November 2018, NH München East Conference Center. München.
  7. 2018: Upcoming next Deep minimum Global Earth Temperature. EGU2018: 09.04.2018. Vienna.
  8. 2018: The Climate Clock. A climate variability framework. Basic Science of a Changing Climate Porto: 08.04.2018. Porto.
  9. 2016: The Solar System Large Planets influence on a new Maunder Minimum. EGU2016: 20.04.2016. Vienna.
  10. 2013: Kvalitetsmodellering med Generell systemteori. Fjordkonferansen. Juni 2013. Loen.
  11. 2012: Multi-Angents in Virtual Regional landscapes. FedCSIS 2012. Wroclaw, Poland 9-12 Sept.
  12. 2012: Intelligent Agents as Problem Solvers on Large 3D Landscapes. EMS 2012: Nov. 13-15. Malta. 
  13. 2008: The Barents Sea ecosystem dynamics as coupled oscillators to long tides. ICES CM 2008/L Theme Session. Coupled physical and biological models. Halifax.
  14. 2007: Ecosystem Dynamics in Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea Symposium March. Tromsø.
  15. 2006: Lunar tide influence on Climate and eco system variability. ICES CM 2006/C:02. Maastricht, 19-23 sept.

Thesis: Arctic climate influence on arctic marine eco system

Selected climate and marine sustainability publications

  1. Yndestad H. (1999). Earth nutation influence on the temperature regime of the Barents Sea. ICES Journal.
  2. Yndested H. (1999). Earth nutation influence on system dynamics of Northeast Arctic cod. ICES Journal.
  3. Yndestad H. (2001). Earth nutation influence on Northeast Arctic cod management. ICES Journal.
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  9. Yndestad H. (2009). The influence of long tides on ecosystem dynamics in the Barents Sea. Deep-Sea Research II.
  10. Yndestad Harald; Solheim Jan-Erik. (2016). The Influence of Solar System Oscillation on the Variability of the Total Solar Irradiance. New Astronomy.

Selected climate and marine conference papers

  1. Yndestad, H. 1996. Stationary temperature cycles in the Barents Sea The cause of causes ICES Annual Science Conference. Iceland 1996 Hydrography Committee C M 1996/C: 15
  2. Yndestad, H. 1996. System Modelling of ITEM Reengineering of Education processes ITEM 96 The Second IFIP International Working Conference July 22-26, 1996 Hong Kong.
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  14. Yndestad, H. 2006. Possible Lunar tide effects on climate and the ecosystem variability in the Nordic Seas and the Barents Sea. ICES annual conference. Session ICES CM 2006/C: Climatic variability in the ICES area 2000-2005 in relation to previous decades: physical and biological consequences 19-23 sept 2006. Maastricht, Netherland. 
  15. Yndestad, H. 2007. Long tides influence on the climate dynamics and the ecosystem dynamics in the Barents Sea. Symposium on Ecosystem Dynamics in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. Theme session: Climatic effects on food webs. Tromsø. Norway March 2007. ECONORTH Symposium; 2007- 03-12 – 2007-03- 15. 
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